testimonials 5 starts for neighborhood loans

"I am personally very satisfied with the way Tony has helped me and my family. Anytime I have a question, Tony is the first person I call. Great guy overall and will go above and beyond to make sure all of your needs are met."

Thimi S.

testimonials 5 starts for neighborhood loans

"Tony was excellent!!! He followed up promptly. And made my closing very convenient and easy. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family when they decide to purchase a home."

Asia N.

testimonials 5 starts for neighborhood loans

testimonials 5 starts for neighborhood loansWe had struggled for a time trying to get a simple refinance of out condo. Due to the financial debacle in 2008, where we were a victim of shady lender practices, we were left under water by 50,000.00. We tried and tried for 5 years then gave up. Our attorney gave us Tony’s information and we contacted him. He gave us hope that he would be able to provide us with a refi. We had a few obstacles due to my prior marriage and child support where a complete divorce decree was needed and proof of finalized child support payments and Tony did not waste time informing us about the needed documentation. Because of his stellar informing practices i was able to provide the documents the same day. He was able to get our loan thru without having an appraisal. Tony’s attention to detail and communication kept us calm and we never felt like we needed to find an alternative. We plan on using him for the remainder of our mortgage needs for rental properties and any of our friends and family members needs his services. Thank you for having him on your staff!Jim & Kristen J.

testimonials 5 starts for neighborhood loansWe’ve used Tony for the purchase of our house and then again for the refinance of our house. In both cases Tony answered questions very quickly and explained how the process works and what to expect. With the refinance, we had an issue with our previous lender. He went the extra mile to help work the issue out to get us to close on our house in a timely fashion. The Hinkles

testimonials 5 starts for neighborhood loansI had an awful experience with a different mortgage broker. Which resulted in the loss of the home I wanted to purchase. It was upsetting to my whole family and also to the family I was purchasing the home from. I almost gave up and thought I was destined to be a renter for the rest of my life. Luckily, I was referred to Tony and decided to give it another go. Tony was honest and caring about my experience. I truly had lost all faith in the home buying process and Tony was so patient with me. I’m so thankful to have found him. Now my family and I are in a beautiful home that we all love!jjennings9947

testimonials 5 starts for neighborhood loansTo start off I would like to thank Tony for taking the time by guiding me step by step on my first house mortgage. As a first time buyer I was not familiar with anything when it came to buying a house. Due to my low credit score, I thought this dream of mine would not happen anytime soon. But with Tony’s years of experience and working with multiple people in my situation, he knew how to handle my situation quite well. He would always try to be available at any time to answer any question I had. He always kept it real and I will forever be grateful that he made this happen. One advice I would give anyone trying to buy a house. Is to not let your credit be a boundary. Contact Tony and he would work with you and making your American dream happen.asda1022

testimonials 5 starts for neighborhood loansNeighbirhood loans helped me and my family get a dream come true! Tony has been there for any questions i had heck was a a very stressful and rocky mountain but he never gave up on us he promised us he will help us get our home and he sure did i’m so amazed and thankful i was able to purchased my home. arianaguzman639

testimonials 5 starts for neighborhood loansNeighborhood Loans was wonderful during the entire process other people was telling me that buying a home is very stressful and a lot to deal with but Tony Abazi and his team made the process of buying a home easy at Neighborhood Loans they are helpful and dedicated to their clientsJennifer K.

testimonials 5 starts for neighborhood loansNeighborhood loans was absolutely wonderful to work with! They made everything very easy as we were first time home Buyers. Our loan was processed very quickly, and Tony was there to answer any and all questions! We would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or refinance.Jessica & Steve

testimonials 5 starts for neighborhood loansMy husband and I were first time home buyers. I heard the many complaints from others how stressful buying a home was, HOWEVER I am happy to say our process was a breeze! Tony and his team were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and kind throughout the whole process. Whenever I was unsure or had questions regarding paperwork, he was always there to help and explain specifically what was needed. He was available at all hours of the day with any questions I had. He is dedicated to his clients and goes out of his way to make sure the end result is successful. We were able to close on our home within a month! So happy I chose neighborhood loans to assist me with the purchase of my first home! Would highly recommend!zuser20170205144036455

testimonials 5 starts for neighborhood loansTony Abazi represents the key cores of CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE in the most effective way. Tony assisted me with my loan application and he was amazing. Tony is what every home buyer is looking for in a mortgage banker when purchasing a house – Commitment, Friendly and most importantly HONEST. During the entire process Tony made sure to keep me as a customer always informed of every detail, every change but also what I liked the most that I never saw in any other mortgage banker is he showed compassion and offered solution and direction to every small need. The best quality that makes Tony successful and the reason why he is the best is COMMUNICATION which was in the highest level. Tony is also helping my brother to purchase a house and he couldn’t be happier. Tony posses unique skills and delivers positive results which translates to great customer experience and that is something money cannot buy. Thank you Tony for everything you did for my family and keep up the good work.Gzim B.

testimonials 5 starts for neighborhood loansI had a great experience with Tony Abazi at Neighborhood Loans. He took the time to go over every document of my mortgage origination and also my refi. I would highly recommend he help you, the process was laid out, he explained everything I needed help with in the process and never became frustrated with my 101 questions. Tony is not only an associate I gladly now consider him a friend.ncichorz

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